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Speak Their Language—Understanding Marketing Technology

Sunday, July 29 | 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Speaker: Rick Steele, NuRide Inc.

This session will help you understand how to improve the performance of your website, apps, and other marketing technologies without being a techie. You’ll learn, in simple, easy-to-understand terms, how to make your website faster, how to deploy effective apps, how to convert more visitors to members, how to share data using APIs, best practices for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), how to analyze your website and apps with Google Analytics, and much more.

We'll also include some fun, hands-on activities and group projects, so you can play around and get comfortable with a few “tools of the trade." The goal is not to make you a techie, but to give you a good understanding of how things work, along with industry best practices, so you can better understand some important marketing technologies and get the most out of your website, apps, and more. Simply put, you’ll learn how to talk-the-talk and feel confident when deploying important marketing technologies to maximize your program’s effectiveness.

Rick SteeleAbout Rick Steele, CEO

Rick is co-founder and CEO of NuRide. NuRide provides award-winning mobility software and incentives for TDM programs across the county. NuRide users have prevented 1 billion miles of driving while redeeming more than $6 million in sponsored rewards. Prior to NuRide, Rick was the founder, chairman, and CEO of which he sold to FedEx. Rick holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Naval Architecture from The University of Michigan. Rick’s favorite mode of travel is train!

The Building Blocks of Behavior Change

Sunday, July 29 | 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Speaker: Beth Karlin, See Change Institute

During this workshop, you will learn how to leverage insights from behavioral science to design, implement, and evaluate your own transportation programs. We will walk through the building blocks of behavior change – Audience, Behavior, Content, Delivery, and Evaluation – and a process to optimize them. It is geared towards TOD and TDM practitioners, program administrators, vendors, and anybody who is interested designing and/or evaluating behavior-based transit programs. You will learn:

  • The main types of stakeholders in your project and how to engage each one,
  • Key behavioral theories you can act on immediately to change behavior,
  • How to incorporate user and A/B testing into the design and evaluation of programs, and
  • Evaluation planning to learn not only whether your program worked but how and for whom you can improve it.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the skills and motivation to develop and/or optimize your own transportation behavior program.

Beth KarlinAbout Beth Karlin, CEO

Beth Karlin, PhD, is the founder and CEO of See Change Institute, which blends social science with innovative design to address global issues through human solutions. Her projects investigate a wide range of topics, including science communication, energy efficiency, and virtual reality. Beth has published her work in venues ranging from Psychological Bulletin to Peace Studies and is a sought after speaker and trainer on Storytelling, Smart Homes, and the Social Science of Sustainability (and she loves alliteration). Beth is currently President of the American Psychological Association’s Division 34 (Environmental Psychology) and the U.S. National Expert on the International Energy Agency’s Demand-Side Management (DSM) Task 24 on Behavior Change. She believes that the role of a researcher is not only to better understand the world but also to improve it and hopes that her work is able to serve both purposes.

Tips and Tricks of Public Speaking

Sunday, July 29 | 1 - 4 p.m.

Speaker: Janine Burke, Public Speaking Coach

What would it mean to you if every speech or presentation you gave were a resounding success? Janine Burke has been teaching public speaking and presentation skills for over 16 years from Contestants on Shark Tank to private and corporate clients of all skill levels. Some terrific and many simply terrified. Public Speaking is not a rare and special gift given to some and not others, but a skill that can be learned, like golf or guitar. Janine will teach us the TIPS and TRICKS the professional public speakers use, to move your presentations from good to great.

In a 3 hour, fun filled workshop Janine will teach you how to master question and answer time, avoid those distracting filler words, umm, ah, you knows, handle fear plus how to open and close a masterful presentation. Janine will also EVERY question or concern you have ever had about public speaking – start preparing your list!

Janine BurkeAbout Janine Burke

After many years of Toastmasters training, body language workshops, facilitation skills study, public speaking seminars, writing and storytelling workshops, and a lot of improvisation classes, Janine Burke opened her Public Speaking Business. Here is a short list of endeavors and adventures that have led Janine to where she is today: Two years teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Taught “Working Through the Fear of Public Speaking” and “Public Speaking for Professionals” at UCLA Extension, L.A. Youth at Work: taught interviewing skills to Inner City High School students,Destination lecturer for Princess Cruises, Fred Pryor Company: Traveled all over the U.S.A teaching communications skills.

Today, Janine teaches corporate workshops and trains student privately. Her clients list varies greatly from Corporate Presentations, new product launches, cooking videos, movie pitches to best man speeches and roasts. All clients have one thing in common, they want to up their game and be memorable speakers and presenters.

Making a Case for Vanpooling

Sunday, July 29 | 1 - 4 p.m.

Speakers: Kevin Chau (Enterprise) and Emily Cass (Hampton Roads Transit - Traffix)

This professional development session will focus on Making the Case for Vanpooling. There are two audiences when making the case: the employer and the long distance commuter. We’ll take a deep dive into the sales and marketing strategies for an employer and for the individual commuter. Employers have different motivations for implementing a vanpool program. These may include sustainability initiatives, parking relief, employee satisfaction, recruiting and retention, etc. We’ll employ group breakouts to develop marketing plans and talk tracks revolving around these employer motivations.

Then we’ll shift focus to the individuals and the task of changing their commuter behavior. Topics of discussion will include the mindset of a vanpool participant, the motivations for changing their mode from drive alone to vanpool, and then we’ll discuss nuances of group selling and buying. We’ll have guest speakers offering unique perspectives on military and federal marketing approach, transit agency strategies and employer marketing to its employees.

Kevin ChauAbout Kevin Chau, Corporate Zimride and Rideshare Manager

Kevin Chau is a native of Southern California and currently holds the position of Corporate Zimride and Rideshare Manager for Enterprise Holdings in St. Louis. Kevin has worked for Enterprise for 15 years and spent most of his career in Southern California in the Enterprise Rideshare division. He spent the first five years in operations and customer service. Since 2007, he has been in an individual sales role as well as sales management. His experience includes helping employers start new vanpool programs as well as managing existing programs to ensure they are sustainable long-term for both the employer and employees. Kevin’s current responsibility is managing strategic accounts for Enterprise Rideshare nationwide. Kevin is actively involved with the Association of Commuter Transportation and recently made the National Board as the Midwest Chapter Director.

Emily CassAbout Emily Cass, TRAFFIX Program, Hampton Roads Transit

Emily Cass is the Military Outreach Consultant for the TRAFFIX Program, a service of Hampton Roads Transit in Norfolk, Virginia. Emily has worked for TRAFFIX for 4 years and spends most of her time working with location military installations and commands to promote alternative commuting modes to decrease traffic congestion. In addition, her office is located aboard Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s largest naval base. Prior to TRAFFIX, Emily was an award-winning marketing consultant for several healthcare, architectural and technology companies. Emily is actively involved with the Association of Commuter Transportation as a PAL Mentor and member of the TMA Council and National Conference marketing committee. She holds a B.S and M.S. degree in Marketing from Old Dominion University and Southern New Hampshire University respectively.

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